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Law and the Zodiac: What’s your ‘Paralegal’ Sign?

LegalAstrology1.jpegIn my journey towards a paralegal career, I’ve really been enjoying reading up on the different areas of law.

To that end, I’m also a bit of a self-help and astrology junkie. So naturally, I felt compelled to create a list of what areas of law might interest the different signs according to the Zodiac!

Disclaimer: This list is MERELY for kicks and giggles. Please don't take it too seriously. 


The Aries Paralegal- Personal Injury

Aries is fast and initiating.  If you just destroyed your car in an accident, get an Aries paralegal on it ASAP. He’s used to accidents.

The Taurus Paralegal- Real Estate Law

Taurus knows about all things earthly. Naturally, she’d know how to recognize a sweet piece property and compose an even sweeter agreement for it.

The Gemini Paralegal- Intellectual Property

Gemini is communicative and loves change.  What’s changing faster than technology and the rapid pace at which we’re churning out e-books and such ideas today?

The Cancer Paralegal- Family Law

Cancers are all about the feels and family.  He would want to be sure that all is in fact fair in love, war, and familial disputes.

The Leo Paralegal-Entertainment Law

This sign is fixed fire, which means Leo is consistently passionate. She will be ready for the celebrity drama.

The Virgo Paralegal-Administrative Law

This sign is earthy and changeable. which means Virgo is adaptable yet stable.  This is an awesome combo for adapting to the legal evolution.

The Libra Paralegal-Contract Law

Libra is a communicative, diplomatic initiator.  He would compose equitable contracts.

The Scorpio Paralegal-Criminal Law

Scorpios love digging into the proverbial muck of existence. Scorpio isn’t afraid of the darkness. He will dive into the dark and come out on top.

The Sagittarius Paralegal-International Law

Sagittarius is passionate and loves travel and change. She will enjoy engaging with international affairs.

The Capricorn Paralegal-Business Law

Capricorn has common-sense and loves to initiate.  She has what it takes to get down to business.

Side note: I am a Capricorn rising, which means the first impression I give off the vibe of all work and no play. This person is 90 percent business, and 10 percent pleasure. Generally.

The Aquarius Paralegal-Intellectual Property Law

Aquarius is consistently communicative. She knows how to help folks get those personal ideas floating.

The Pisces Paralegal- Health and Safety Law

Pisces can be empathetic, caring, and adaptable. One can count on Pisces to ensure equity in safety and health.