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If Beyoncé were a legal assistant…

Whenever life gets too mundane…you make stuff up. Right? No?

Well, it’s what I do.

Here is my latest probing:

What if Beyoncé was a legal assistant? What are some things that would definitely be true if this happened?

Below you’ll see what I came up with. Fasten your seatbelt.


  • Typing speed would be on fleek due to long practice hours and her typing coach. (1000 WPM minimum, easily)
  •  Desk mini-fan would come in handy in case the firm wins a case and wants to celebrate with a little wind-in-hair.
  • Opposing counsel would consistently be forced to bow down.
  • Firm would love her enough to allow her to rock cheetah print on casual Friday.
  • Blonde hair would become a trend or a taboo in the legal industry. Not sure which.
  • Daughter’s name would be Blue Book Carter.

I guess I better get to work on my typing speed!




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