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The Paralegal: The Big Help.


We all know the value of good help. In both business and personal, quality assistance can go a long way.

By definition, a paralegal is a paraprofessional who helps attorneys with their legal work.  Attorneys need serious help!  Those who practice the law don’t have time to deal with folks who don’t want to get their hands dirty(literally or figuratively).

This post will highlight three main qualities of great assistants.  It’s as easy as A-B-C!

A. In the Know

A great assistant is educated. In order to assist, you must first understand. Although it is not necessary for a paralegal to undergo formal education in order to work for an attorney, it is imperative that she understands what it really takes to run a law firm, how to create documents for the courts in a timely fashion, how to support clients, and how to organize all of these things in a way that makes sense. Without the background knowledge, the assistant can not be of benefit.

B. Self-Starters

Great helpers don’t wait to be asked. A helper helps because it is essentially who she is.  This translates beautifully into the workplace because the work environment is about unity.  Everyone who shows up to work should have the same goal: fulfill the needs of the client.  If we know this is the goal, then what the hell heck are you waiting for? Hop to it!


C. Innovators

Great assistants must also be willing to innovate from time to time.  Innovation has to do with coming up with new and interesting ideas.  In an industry as rigid as the law, innovation is invaluable.  An innovator could be that person who comes in with a great idea about how to market to potential clients, or who develops a  new way to conduct client interviews.  As fast as technology and our world is moving today, it is becoming more imperative to have innovative thinkers around in order to reach success.

So the next time you go out in the world to be of assistance as a paralegal or otherwise, make sure you know what you’re doing, no one is begging you for your help, and that you’re not afraid to get a little creative!



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